Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some thoughts about Google Buzz (And a bit of anti-buzz from Boris ;-))

This Google Buzz thing looks pretty good and I am all in for a better way to organising all the c**p coming from on Facebook account and only look at what is interesting. I also think geo-based social networking could be fun (dirty mind maybe, but I am thinking of blind-dating at a put with Google Buzz :-)).


I don't mind using my real name when posting to people I have selected as contacts (ala Facebook). However in Buzz when you make a public post you have to use your real name and give a link to your profile, which includes all your previous activity and locations.

This means:
- Google's algorithm might decide that your post about a great night out yesterday is cool, and show it to your boss with your real name in front of it (even if you never decided to share content with him, as long as a few colleagues add comments to the post the algorithm will identify your connection with him)
- Anyone googling your name will straight away see the history of everything you have posted on Buzz (beware of what you are writing it will follow you forever)
- If you use the mobile version, it seems like you always have to share publicly. This means if I post from my phone, everybody can see my name and location. Post from home and you are giving away your address to the whole world. And with the location base service all your neighbours will see the buzz ... ie keep in mind you are actually doing the same as walking down the street with a name tag and shooting what you think.

I will probably use Buzz for sharing privately, but long life to anonymous tweeter if I want to post publicly.

And Google: one simple say to waive all my concerns: allow people to use a nickname for public posts.

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